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Is the RSK network decentralized?

27 January, 2021
Recently I saw these interviews with Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, CEO of IOV Labs, made by Chris Blec for his YouTube channel Chris Blec on DeFi and another in spanish by Ezio Rojas from Cointelegraph en español for Crypto Resources. In both interviews they talked about DeFi and RSK project characteristics but one topic caught my […]

What’s the difference between buy/sell and mint/redeem?

21 January, 2021
With frequent use of the tools and applications it is likely that the meaning of some terms and the difference between some of them such as buy / sell and mine / redeem become blurred. Since the appearance of Bitcoin to date, each crypto project has its correlation with a cryptocurrency or token. Some of […]

Bitcoin and quantum computers

13 January, 2021
When people write about quantum computers and Bitcoin, I usually read two opposing views. The nocoiner position that says "there is very little left for quantum computers to hack Bitcoin" and the bitcoiner position that says, the day that happens bitcoin will be using another algorithm.I want to delve into the second position, much more […]

2020 Year In Review: Bitcoin's Institutional Adoption

11 January, 2021
2020 was a year of institutional adoption of Bitcoin. The list of corporations and billionaires who adopted Bitcoin is long. Here’s a review of the year in Bitcoin. The institutional interest in Bitcoin started right off the bat. In Mid-January, an Exchange-traded bitcoin option launched on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Bitcoin options could be used […]

Why be a BPro early adopter?

18 December, 2020
The internet is littered with posts aimed at unborn Bitcoiners, those who resist the red pill and maintain a limited awareness about the revolutionary characteristics imbued in BTC. We've all heard the tales, and many of us chose the rabbit hole instead. Many of us Bitcoiners are eager to educate those willing to listen. We […]

MOC Liquidity Mining

27 November, 2020
When the Money On Chain protocol was designed, special consideration was given to bitcoin Hodlers, and different incentive alternatives were evaluated to increase contributed collateral to the protocol.  The BPro token holders receives: Free leverage, provided by DOC token holders. Passive income (interest in Smart Bitcoins, or rBTC), paid by traders who buy BTCX Fees […]

MoC, Money On Chain Governance token

27 November, 2020
In order to work as a decentralized protocol, Money On Chain will use a token to govern the platform. This token is called MoC (for Money On Chain) Token. MoC token use cases Initially MoC tokens will have four main use cases for their Token holders: MoCs token holders will have the power to vote […]

TEX, the decentralized token exchange by Money On Chain

25 November, 2020
TEX is a Decentralized Exchange. What makes TEX special is that the mechanism used for trading is inspired by the method used at The London Gold Fix.  With this method, periodic ticks in an order book match operations at an emerging price, avoiding front-running and allowing fair price discovery even with low volume. There are […]

Digital Transformation and NGOs

30 October, 2020
By Belén Ochoa, BisBlick Executive Director The development of new technologies has had an overarching impact on all economic sectors. And NGOs are no exception. Bitcoin is a new monetary technology that, as any other, can be used in traditional management models with the objective of making processes more efficient and transparent.  Anyhow, in a […]

How to send BTC through the 2wayPeg Federation to get rBTC

21 October, 2020
Translation from this original article written by Nicolás E. Bourbon. People are starting to explore the existing applications in RSK, the Bitcoin sidechain, and they are wondering how to start. In order to do this it is necessary to exchange BTC for rBTC, the native token of RSK, which value is pegged to Bitcoin 1BTC […]

RIF Hodlers, why RIFP should be of your interest

19 October, 2020
RIF hodlers have now the opportunity to earn a passive income; so, if you are a RIF hodler, this article explains why RIFPro (RIFP) tokens are attractive for you in the long term. The DeFi ecosystem is growing fast RIF (RSK Infrastructure Framework) covers a set of services and protocols including digital identities, storage, communication, […]

Getting an error using Trezor? Maybe you should downgrade your firmware

1 October, 2020
If you connected your Trezor wallet to Metamask or Nifty and got this error: “EthQuery - RPC Error - Error. Forbidden key path” it is because the last Trezor firmware version is not compatible with Nifty or Metamask. To make it more clear, you should have installed version 2.3.0 in model T or 1.9.0 in Trezor One. […]

Why should BPro be of interest to bitcoiners?

22 August, 2020
Inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto’s-creator of bitcoin- model, Money On Chain uses an incentive system for the users. In this article, we will focus on the BitPro (BPRO), which can generate an income for bitcoin holders, being attractive for those who hold their bitcoins for the long term. A token for each bitcoiner Since its launch, […]

Dollar on Chain Chain: A stablecoin for bitcoiners, by bitcoiners

3 August, 2020
The great volatility of cryptocurrencies makes some use cases difficult, such as remittances or store payments. People need a stable medium of exchange. In this article we will talk about the Dollar on Chain, the first stablecoin backed by bitcoin. What are stablecoins? Stablecoins are digital assets designed to replicate the value of fiat currencies, […]

The BitPRO (BPRO), a token to earn income for Bitcoin Holders with free leverage

26 June, 2020
This article is the first in a series where the BitPRO, or BPRO, according to its “ticker”, will be explained in detail. The BPRO is one of the Money On Chain tokens, a DeFi for Bitcoin platform. This token was designed to generate profitability in Bitcoin in a decentralized way. In this article we will […]
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