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Improve the performance of your bitcoins while retaining full control of your private keys.


The historical performance of BPro token is . That's on top of bitcoin!

A Bitcoin Collateralized Protocol

A Stablecoin + a HODL token + a leveraging mechanism.
All backed in bitcoin.

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Increase the performance of your bitcoins

BPro is a HODL + Earn token that enables hodlers to earn more Satoshis on bitcoin while keeping their private keys with no commitment.
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No Volatility

Protect your savings with a Bitcoin Stablecoin

Dollar On Chain is the first 100% bitcoin collateralized stablecoin.
With DoC tokens you get all the benefits of bitcoin, but without its volatility, with a 1:1 USD peg guaranteed by the smart contract.
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Be Bold

Go 2x leveraged on bitcoin

BTCx is a leveraging mechanism enabled by Money On Chain protocol that allows you to have a 2x leverage on bitcoin with no third party risk associated.
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Govern + Stake

Get even more by staking the governance token

A token that goes beyond the governance. Stake the token in the protocol itself to earn yielding without giving them to third parties losing the governance power nor compromising your private keys.
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Integrate the Protocol

We are glad to present the opportunity for different vendors to integrate the Money On Chain protocol.
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