Money On Chain

Bringing bitcoin into the mainstream

Money On Chain is a self-contained DeFi protocol (a stablecoin, HODL token, leveraging mechanism, and more) which empowers Bitcoiners to improve performance of their assets while also retaining full control of their private keys.

Different Bitcoiners, different tokens

Money On Chain protocol provides tokens for different types of use cases,
from a real bitcoin-collateralised stablecoin to a leveraged bitcoin.


For those who want to use bitcoin without its volatility.

on Steroids

For bitcoin hodlers with the benefit of free leverage and coded income.


For those who want leverage at a low cost in a DeFi for bitcoin protocol.


To govern the smart contract and earn stacking fees. Be a protagonist of the revolution.


Money On Chain wants to facilitate access to a new financial system: accessible to all, transparent, open and resistant to censorship.

Bitcoin has already created the foundation: a mathematically scarce asset, the most robust, distributed, and immutable ledger; and the most secure payment network in the world.

On that foundation we developed Money On Chain: A decentralized finance protocol built by bitcoiners for the entire community.

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