Money on Chain

DeFi for Bitcoin

We provide a Bitcoin-Collateralized Stablecoin.
Money On Chain solves the biggest need of the crypto world: the volatility problem. Our Bitcoin-collateralized stablecoin uses a trustless, decentralized two-token system.

Our vision

We imagine a world where transactions are instant, cost-efficient and free from the volatility of the current cryptocurrencies markets. Furthermore we want international trade to be frictionless so individuals and companies can use the Bitcoin blockchain without facing volatility risks. In order for our vision to happen we need to bring stability to the Bitcoin world. Money on Chain hence takes the best of both worlds, decentralization, security, immutability of Bitcoin and the stability of traditional fiat to create such a solution.


Our solution provides tokens for a wide range of individuals, depending on their risk appetite.


Experts in technology, finance, law, communications, and entrepreneurship.

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