BPRO token
The smartest strategy for a bitcoin holder

Improve the performance of your bitcoins while retaining full control of your private keys.

BPro historical performance on top of bitcoin.

HODL + Earn

Get a passive income combined with free leverage that makes the price of the token rise even more when bitcoin price goes up.

A perfect balance between profit and risk




Historical performance of BPro

A really Smart Contract

Playing a central role in Money On Chain, a protocol built by bitcoiners, BPRO is a token with a perfect balance between profit and risk, which is mitigated by an extensively developed and unique financial model with proven robustness even in extreme market situations.

Amazing Performance

BPRO token has the amazing historical performance of . That’s on top of BTC!

For long term hodlers

BPRO is a token for long term bitcoin hodlers that understand bitcoin's volatility and overcollateralized stablecoin protocols. It benefits from bitcoin's bull runs and suffers from bear markets, and may not be redeemable temporarily under certain circumstances.

BPro Token Smart Contract Address

Developed by bitcoiners for bitcoiners

HODL, but don’t lock
All the benefits of BPRO just for holding. That’s it, no commitments; you can go back to bitcoin anytime, either by redeeming against the smart contract or by selling your tokens on a secondary market.
MOC Liquidity Mining
A perpetual incentive program rewards BPRO HODLers with MoC tokens every day.
Again, just for holding.
> Learn about MOC Liquidity Mining
Not your keys, not your bitcoins, remember?
Forget about giving up your private keys to a third party, BPRO tokens are securely stored in your own wallet.
How to get BPro

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, although it is not a yield or fixed rate that you receive in your wallet, but rather it impacts the technical price of the BPRO token.
This performance is given by the leverage obtained by the BPRO token for stabilizing the price of the DOC at 1 usd and for receiving part of the fees charged by the protocol for each transaction. It varies depending on factors such as the number of DOC tokens issued and the collateral provided by BPRO issuers.
Yes, one of the benefits of holding BPRO is receiving MOC tokens. It is through the MOC Liquidity Mining program. You can read more in this blog article.
BPRO leverage is the ratio of issued DOCs to the amount of collateralized BPRO.
To do the calculation you can use this formula: TVL/(TVL-DOC) or a simpler one would be Global Coverage/(Global Coverage - 1)
You can read this concept and others in the whitepaper.
In the event of an abrupt drop in the price of BTC in a short time, known as a flash crash, the protocol reacts with a series of measures that prevent the settlement of the protocol. You can read in detail about the Non-Liquidation feature in the article What if bitcoin had a flash crash?
The rBTC contribution made by BPRO is used to buy MOC tokens on the TEX and increases the flow of MOC received by both oracles and MOC stakers.

BPRO Performance Charts

BPRO Price in USD

How to get BPRO
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