The Money On Chain governance token

A protocol’s token that goes beyond the governance: vote & veto, staking and discounts.

Unique features beyond standard issued governance

A perfectly designed Rewards program that prizes you for being a committed member of the community.

Maximize your earning potential

MoC Token Price in USD
MoC Token Market Cap in USD

Vote & Veto

With MOC token you have the power to vote and veto the platform updates and parameters changes proposed by the community.

Staking Fees & Rewards

MOC token holders receive fees paid by the users of the platform and earn MOC token rewards when staking them in the platform.


Pay the fees of the platform using MOC tokens and get important discounts.

MOC Token Smart Contract Address

Get even more by staking the protocol's governance token

MoC Staking Rewards
You can stake the token in the protocol itself to earn yielding without giving them to third parties, losing the governance power, nor compromising your private keys.
Compound interest
MOC tokens received for staking are automatically stacked, so you don’t need to do anything else to get staking rewards from the tokens received.
Not your keys, not your bitcoins, remember?
Get benefits keeping your MOC tokens in your own wallet without giving the vote & veto power to a third party.
How to get MoC tokens

210,000,000 Maximum MOC token supply

MoC Token Supply

MoC Token Not Staked

MOC Token Staking Percentage

Be part of the revolution, get MOC Tokens

You can Get MOC tokens as rewards with the MOC Liquidity Mining for BPRO HODLers or buy them directly on the TEX, decentralized exchange, RSKSwap or Sovryn.
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