Bitcoin Stablecoin

Decentralized bitcoin backed stablecoin

Dollar on Chain is the ideal stablecoin for daily transactions and users seeking to hold current value without leaving the benefits of bitcoin.

Bitcoin without volatility

Hold current value: DOC is 100% collateralized with bitcoin with a 1:1 USD peg guaranteed by the smart contract.

A Stablecoin like no other

1 DoC : 1 USD guaranteed by the Smart Contract

The best collateral

Dollar On Chain doesn’t rely on fiat. All the collateral is bitcoin.  The DOC's oustanding stability is guaranteed by the Smart Contract.

You can buy, you can mint

You can buy DOCs on a secondary market, but the Smart Contract allows you to mint your own DOCs avoiding unnecessary extra costs such as spread.

Ideal for daily transactions

DOC is fast, secure and it doesn't have any protocol fees. That's why there is a growing ecosystem around it.
Get DOC Tokens

DOC Token Smart Contract Address

No need to leave the blockchain, ever.

Self Contained in the blockchain
What makes DOC unique is that the collateral is in a Smart Contract inside the blockchan. Yes, that means you don't need to trust in a third party controlling the collateral.
Perfect for daily transactions
With third party non-custodial wallets you can instantly send and receive DOC with no protocol fees.
Not your keys, not your bitcoins, remember?
Forget about giving up your private keys to a third party, DOC tokens are securely stored in your own wallet.
How to get DoC

Frequently Asked Questions

The protocol works as a primary market, which means that operating with the protocol the user creates (mints) and destroys (redeems) the tokens, therefore, as the DOC is a token with 1:1 parity with the usd, always its value is 1 usd. A DOC parity chart would be a perfectly horizontal line.
You can read the difference between primary and secondary markets in this blog post.
Yes. To issue a DOC, rBTC (bitcoin on Rootstock sidechain) is used and the collateral that makes the issuance possible also uses rBTC to issue BPRO.
You can use them in Krypton Market to buy through their Kripto Store or using the web extension. You can also save with performance in Tropykus.
When the price of bitcoin drops, if the issuance of DOC and BPRO remains constant, the Global Coverage falls. When the Global Coverage reaches the Target Coverage, if the bitcoin price continues to fall, the system activates mechanisms that encourage the provision of collateral to restore the balance.
If you want to know more about this topic you can read this blog article What if bitcoin had a flash crash?
In this scenario, if the amount of DOC remains constant the Global Coverage goes down. When it reaches the target level (currently at 4, that is, for each DOC there are 4 usd in rBTC of collateral) the protocol does not allow the issuance of new DOCs or the redemption of BPROs. This scenario produces another result: the leverage of the BPRO goes up, making it more tempting to provide collateral and rebalance the system.
This ratio is expressed by the Global Coverage value that you can find in the dApp under the Metrics section.

Dollar On Chain ecosystem

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