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13 June, 2023

How to access MOC dApp from Defiant

The stablecoin protocol Money On Chain is unique.

The ways to access the protocol for minting and redeeming your tokens vary.

This post will briefly review the different ways to operate the protocol and present a new way to do it with the Defiant wallet.

How to operate the protocol

In 2019, Money On Chain developed a stablecoin protocol that allows the creation of DOC tokens with 1:1 parity to the USD and BPRO, which brings collateral to the system in Smart Bitcoin (rBTC). 

Initially, in order to mint and redeem tokens, it was necessary to develop an interface. 

Therefore, a web app was created to operate the protocol by being able to send, receive and view token balances. Even in the latest versions, it is possible to stake the MOC governance token.

But Money On Chain is a protocol, so it is desirable that it can be accessed to operate it in several ways. 

In addition to being able to use the web app, learn more about How to access the platform on the wiki, one way is through the integration of the protocol with mobile wallets such as Defiant.

The integration of the Money On Chain protocol in an app, in this case, the Defiant wallet, allows this app to communicate directly with the protocol thus accessing the primary market. You can see how to configure the wallet in this wiki section.

Another way to access the protocol is with the Wallet Connect connection that some mobile wallets have.

Access to the dApp from Defiant

Recently the Defiant app added a new way to access the protocol, from the Web3 Browser section.

In this video, Max Carjuzaa, one of the founders of Money On Chain, explains how to do it:

How to use Defiant web3 browser to operate MOC dApp

This way you can use the protocol through the Money On Chain dapp inside Defiant itself.

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