Published on 
1 September, 2021

Protocol Improvements

In the very near future (stay tuned on Discord, Telegram, Twitter) we are launching new protocol improvements that will make your journey operating with Money On Chain super comfortable and as safe as it gets. 

Check out our new features! 

  • New frontend: we are improving the platform User Interface (UI) so you can operate faster and simpler. You will be able to mint and redeem DoC and BPro in one click, a new System Status card details the operational state, and the Metrics section shows a lot more information. Go check it out! 
new moc home
  • MoC fees: you will have the possibility to pay protocol fees with MoC tokens.
  • Non Liquidation: good news for BPro hodlers! In this article, we tell you about this new feature that avoids protocol liquidation in a bitcoin flash crash situation.
  • New features for vendors: Big news are coming for Money On Chain partners. Those of you who are interested in integrating the protocol please contact us at [email protected]  
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