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19 July, 2023

I want my DOC!

The DOC, or Dollar on Chain, is one of the most secure stablecoins out there. Not only because the collateral is bitcoin, but also because it lives in the most secure Bitcoin sidechain, Rootstock. 

DOC is also unique given these characteristics:

  • You mint your tokens, the best way to get DOC tokens is by minting them yourself directly through the dApp.
  • There are no intermediaries, you don’t have to deal with brokers or exchanges, you can just interact with the protocol using the dApp.
  • You keep your keys, you are in control of your funds.
  • You don’t provide the collateral, you mint your tokens, BPro holders provide it.

In this post though, we are not going to focus on DOC qualities but on how to acquire DOC.

There are two ways to have DOC, the primary market or a secondary market.

The difference between these two markets is that the primary market is where the magic happens, and the DOC tokens are created or destroyed. The secondary market instead, is where you can buy or sell tokens. We will see some examples, but if you want to read a little further about this difference, you can read our blog’s article “What’s the difference between buy/sell and mint/redeem?”.

Primary Market

In the case of Money On Chain’s DOC, the Primary Market is the protocol. And the first obvious option to interact with it is the Money On Chain dApp.

Remember that by definition of Primary Market, the value of the DOC token either you mint it or redeem it is always 1 USD.

Another way to operate directly with the protocol is through applications that integrate it. This is the case of Defiant and Beexo. These wallets have the MOC protocol integrated, so when you swap from rBTC to DOC or from DOC to rBTC they interact with the protocol.

Secondary Markets

For most of the other stablecoins, such as DAI, USDT, and USDC, the easiest way to get them is buying, this is, through Secondary Markets.

There are several possibilities to get DOC:


Brokers are third parties that manage their own liquidity to help you buy and sell your tokens. Among these you can find:

  • Kriptonmarket, on this site you can buy/sell DOC using other cryptocurrencies or with fiat money and you also have other services that give you the opportunity to buy products and services or even receive payments with DOC.
  • Criptala offers you assistance to buy/sell in case you need it. They also keep a list of stores and services that receive crypto as payments.
  • Coincaex allows you to buy/sell DOC and besides it has the possibility for stores to implement a POS service to accept payments. 


Exchanges give you access to order lists and liquidity other users provide.

  • TEX, is the decentralized solution for exchanging tokens created by Money On Chain. Check this wiki entry for a tutorial on how to operate it.
  • Sovryn is an AMM (Automated Market Maker) exchange and a platform for traders that lets you exchange your DOC with several tokens with the ability to take loans.
  • OKU Trade is a platform based on Uniswap v3 that allows users to swap several tokens from the Rootstock ecosystem, DOC and MOC among them.

P2P - Peer to Peer 

The peer-to-peer market is where you operate directly with another person mostly through platforms such as:

  • Paydece is a platform that makes it easy for you to buy DOC with crypto and fiat money from another person.
  • RSKP2pBot is the version of the Lightning Network peer-to-peer bot that currently lives on Telegram.
  • Syklo is a non-custodial peer-to-peer platform that allows you to exchange DOC for other stablecoins, including fiat currencies.

These are different ways to get DOC depending on the use case, trading, lending, savings, or buying products. It is very easy to mint your DOC tokens in the protocol to be sure 1DOC is 1USD.

Note: This list is often growing or changing so this article will probably be edited accordingly.

Disclaimer: Money On Chain does not make recommendations, just enumerates possibilities of getting DOC.

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