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21 April, 2021

MoC Tokens Distribution

With the upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE), Money On Chain is taking another important step towards the decentralization of the protocol. This document explains how MoC Tokens will be distributed and why.

Starting from the April 26th Money on Chain will issue 210 million MoC tokens for protocol governance distributed this way:

Moc Tokens Distribution
  • Alpha users: BPro holders that are receiving MoC Tokens as an incentive with MOC Liquidity Mining (running from  December 7th, 2020 until the TGE date). Part of these funds are reserved for future incentive programs.
  • Sole Purpose Trust.
  • Founders and advisors: These tokens are reserved for those who created the project and those who trusted from the very beginning.
  • Early contributors: are the people who contribute to the project in previous stages.
  • Treasury: Is a fund reserve that remains in control of MoC holders but in hands of the Trust, this means that the Trust, eventually, will propose how to spend these funds, but only if the expenditure is approved by MoC holders by voting.
  • Rewards Programs: MoC tokens reserved for the incentives the community gets for participating, either holding BPro or staking MoC.

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MoC token’s distribution intends to follow bitcoin’s philosophy rewarding early adopters and contributors, making the decisions depend more on the community as time goes by and adoption grows. This way the project has enough time to deliver the white paper’s vision while giving the community an ever-growing role in the decision-making process through proposals and vote/veto power.

The graphic above shows the main goal of the distribution process, no one has the majority of votes to take control of the project, so it’s balanced for consensual decisions. In fact, most of the tokens (37.5%) will be distributed among holders of BPro and stakers of MoC through respective incentive programs.

The explanation of both reward programs is available here. They were designed having in mind bitcoin miner’s rewards that are gradually reduced every 210,000 blocks, an event called halving. In a similar way, MoC tokens rewards will be distributed 3% of the remaining every 30 days in a daily manner, delivering a lot of tokens at first and decreasing over time.

With the upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE), Money On Chain is taking another important step towards the decentralization of the protocol, giving decision power to every stakeholder in the community.

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