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30 October, 2020

Digital Transformation and NGOs

By Belén Ochoa, BisBlick Executive Director

The development of new technologies has had an overarching impact on all economic sectors. And NGOs are no exception. Bitcoin is a new monetary technology that, as any other, can be used in traditional management models with the objective of making processes more efficient and transparent. 

Anyhow, in a context that is getting more and more dynamic every day, how can NGOs innovate in fundraising strategies? How can Bitcoin technologies help solve the financial need of these organizations?

BisBlick is an NGO that was funded in 2013, with the purpose of transforming the reality of young people and their communities, in order to make a real difference in vulnerable communities. In order to do these, we work together with young people that wish to become the first professionals in their families, through a high potential training program for their academic and professional development. Scholars in our network participate in several training modules and meetings for the exchange of ideas with senior professionals from different industries. The main objective is to help them have a smooth transition between school and university and to promote their development in the labor market. 

Financial education of young people is a key objective of our organization. Therefore, on 21st and 29th October, we developed a Training Program focused on Bitcoins. More than 40 students and tutors from our network could participate and get to know more about this disruptive technology. They gained insight and knowledge about cryptocurrencies, the conditions for their development and current applications. Furthermore, they could get to know how transfers in cryptocurrencies are made. The program was lead by: ONG Bitcoin Argentina, IOV Labs, Kripton Market, Money on Chain, and Defiant Wallet

We also need to mention the help provided by Blockchain for Humanity when we launched this campaign and began our learning journey, and also the collaboration in terms of communication by  Cripto247, Cointelegraph and Criptonoticias.

In this new context, we are diversifying our sources of income and, in February this year, together with the support of different organizations, we launched a global fundraising campaign in cryptocurrencies, with the objective of helping more young people improve their employability conditions through their academic development. Through this campaign, we have raised the funds necessary to cover two and a half scholarships. 

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For more information click here https://www.bisblick.org/eng/ or write to [email protected] 

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