Published on 
27 November, 2020

MOC Liquidity Mining

When the Money On Chain protocol was designed, special consideration was given to bitcoin Hodlers, and different incentive alternatives were evaluated to increase contributed collateral to the protocol. 

The BPro token holders receive:

  • Free leverage, provided by DOC token holders.
  • Passive income (interest in Smart Bitcoins, or rBTC), paid by traders who buy BTCX
  • Fees paid by the users of the platform.
  • Incentives in MoC tokens for having BPRO.

Disclaimer: This post contains a mention of the leveraged position BTCX, which was removed from the protocol to simplify the Money On Chain model through its decentralized governance process. To learn more about it, we recommend reading the publication Simplification of the Money On Chain model

With MOC Liquidity Mining, BPro token holders will get MoC Tokens as a reward for their holding positions. After the TGE, MoC token holders will be able to participate in the governance of the protocol, achieving one of the main values of this DeFi protocol: decentralization.

How MoC are distributed

14,000 MoC tokens will be daily distributed between all BPro holders (this may change in the future). It is planned that MoC tokens will be able to be claimed 30 days after the TGE. 

BPro tokens holders will be able to monitor the daily amount of MoC tokens assigned on the platform.

Duration of the program

The duration of the program is going to be from its deployment in the RKS Mainnet until the TGE, or when the total amount MoC intended for the program is already assigned.

In conclusion, MOC Liquidity Mining is an additional incentive to hold BPro tokens. If you need more information about BPro, you can find it here.

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