income for bitcoin holders

A Token designed for BTC holders that allows to earn a rent on Bitcoin position, and gain free leverage.
How to get BPro Tokens

BPro Main Features

For Bitcoiners with long positions seeking additional passive earnings: BPro IS A HODL AND EARN TOKEN.
BPro is a token delivering passive income via distributed sharing of pooled
profits as well as additional benefits.
Free Leverage
Free Leverage (provided by DoC token holders) for holding BPro.

Passive Income
From traders doing BTC leveraged operations.
Get Fees
Share of fees from Money On Chain platform users.
As the main liquidity provider for the platform, BPro is conceived to get incentives for holders without counterparty risk and no KYC.
Featured on BTC Manager
"DeFi is coming to Bitcoin: Money on Chain is Building…"

BPro Token explained

For many Bitcoin users, whom Bitcoiners call Hodlers, the increase in the value of Bitcoin in the long term is very attractive. When the MoneyOnChain protocol was designed, special consideration was given to Hodlers, and different incentive alternatives were evaluated to increase contributed collateral to the protocol. This is how the BPRO was born.
Do you want to know more about earning a rent on your Bitcoin position,  and gain free leverage? Click here.How to get BPro Tokens

BPro historical performance

The following interactive chart shows the historical performance of BPro:
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