Money On Chain

Add value to Bitcoin and get rewarded

An incentive program for bitcoiners holding their positions in BPro tokens.

Add value to Bitcoin and get rewarded

By holding BPro, you allow the protocol to mint Dollar On Chain tokens (DoC), a 100% bitcoin-backed stablecoin. Imagine all the value locked in fiat collateralized stablecoins migrating to Bitcoin. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Be part of the revolution

You’ll be rewarded with MoC tokens every day, which allows you to govern the protocol with vote and veto.

To the Moon!

With the benefit of free leverage, holding BPro you can reach the moon earlier.

Get more, be among the first

Thousands of MoC tokens are being distributed every day among the BPro holders, so arriving earlier means receiving even more.
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Why start today?

Because the earlier you start holding BPro, the more benefits you get.
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