A Token that provides Stability within the crypto world with a dollar-pegged Bitcoin-Backed Stablecoin.
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DOC Main Features

The 1:1 peg is guaranteed by the Smart Contract.
Easy to transfer
DOC is uncensurable.
You can hold DOC tokens securely in a hardware wallet
DOC is the first 100% bitcoin-collateralized token. Nofiat involved.
Featured on Cointelegraph
“There is a settlement date that occurs every 30 days. On that date, all DoCs can be redeemed to the smart contract. This offers much higher liquidity to the DoC, and people do not have to be at the mercy of an Exchange or a secondary market (that may or may not have demand) in order to sell their DoCs.” Max Carjuzaa, CoFounder Money On Chain."

DOC Token explained

The Dollar on Chain (DOC) is the first Stablecoin backed by bitcoin. The token price is pegged to the USD Dollar, and the peg is guaranteed (1DOC:1USD) by the SmartContract.
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