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Building a Bitcoin City in Berlin, El Salvador

El Salvador is going through a deep change in many ways. Socially, culturally, economically, politically. Some call it the ‘Renaissance 2.0’ and most bitcoiners visiting or living in the country agree. The rise of Bitcoin circular economies started here in El Zonte, what is known as Bitcoin Beach, but other projects have been rising up […]

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The DeFi Toolkit of OkuTrade with Getty Hill

DOC and other Rootstock assets has been added into OkuTrade, an interesting professional interface for decentralized exchange Uniswap.

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Swapping across Bitcoin, Lightning & Rootstock with Boltz Exchange

Boltz Exchange will soon allow to make cross chain swaps between Bitcoin, Lightning & Rootstock.

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'Miners vs Spam: Who's gonna save Bitcoin?' with Giacomo Zucco

The Bitcoin fee market has increased substantially since late 2022 and there’s a reason for it: Ordinals inscriptions. This novel technique to insert random data onto the Bitcoin blockchain has its supporters and detractors. While its supporters issue and collect UTXO’s with this attached data into it, other bitcoiners strongly disagree and have looked into […]

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