leveraged bitcoin

A leveraged long bitcoin holding position.
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BTCx Main Features

Leveraged Bitcoin
Leveraged long bitcoin position.
Fixed cost
Fixed cost and paid when operation set.
Anticipated redeem

Fixed leverage
Changes with BTC price, but fixed once operation set.
Featured on defiprime.com
“The BTC2X is a token for traders wishing to go 2x long in the price of bitcoin. The traders pay interest for those long positions, and that interest goes to the BitPro.”

BPro Token explained

The BTCx is a BTC/USD instrument that is settled in Bitcoin. Currently you can do a 2 leveraged long operation on the price of BTC. In the future the protocol will include up to 20X leveraged, long and short positions.
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BTCx Leverage

The following charts show the current and historical BTCx Leverage:
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