Our Tokens

Our solution provides tokens for a wide range of individuals, depending on their risk appetite.

Dollar on Chain (DOC)

The first Stablecoin backed by bitcoin. The token price is pegged to the USD Dollar, and the peg is guaranteed (1DOC:1USD) by the SmartContract.


The Bitpro (BPRO) – a token suitable for Bitcoin holders. This token receives:

  • Free leverage provided by the DOC tokens holders.
  • Passive income paid by traders doing BTC leveraged operations on the platform.
  • Fees paid by users of the platform. 
  • MOC tokens rewards on their BPRO staked on the platform.

Money on Chain (MOC)

MOCs will have several use cases:

  • Governance: Users staking MOC will have the power to vote and veto the platform updates
  • Fees Revenue Stream: The MOC’s holders will be able to stake MOCs to earn platform fees and staking rewards.
  • Oracle: MOC holders will be able to run an oracle node for an additional revenue stream.
  • Platform fees discount: MOC’s holders will have a 50% discount when paying the fees for the use of the platform using MOCs