Our Tokens

Our solution provides tokens for a wide range of individuals, depending on their risk appetite.

Dollar on Chain (DOC)

The Dollar on Chain (DOC) is a stable token that will be pegged to the US dollar with a value of USD 1 per DOC. This makes it ideal for individuals who are averse to the risk of Bitcoin and seek stability in the volatile cryptocurrency environment.

Passive income in BTC (BPRO)

BPRO is a token for Bitcoin holders that will absorb the unwanted Bitcoin risk from the DOC. It will pass part of this on to the leveraged Bitcoin operations exchange, earning BPRO holders a passive income, while also keeping some free leverage.  

Money on Chain (MOC)

Money on Chain will sell the MOC tokens to finance the development, implementation and the DAO´s first years operation behind the smart contracts. The MOC’s will have two functions, MOC holders will have a discount when they pay the fees  to use the smart contract using MOCs, and they will have the power to vote and veto the smart contracts updates, which ensure that we can’t modify the smart contracts affecting the interests of the holders of the MOC’s without a majority.

Each time someone sends Bitcoins to buy or return DOC and BPRO or uses the decentralized exchange, a small commission will be paid in MOCs and burnt by the smart contract. As a mechanism to protect the MOC holders, we will implement a vesting mechanism, such that only vested token holders will be able to vote.