How the Model Works

The problem

The financial system is up against some serious challenges. Its overheads are large, transactions are slow, and frictions abound. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have emerged as alternatives to traditional fiat money, but they have proven to be extremely volatile. This limits their use.

The solution

The Bitcoin-collateralized stablecoin uses a trustless, decentralized two-token system. The undesirable volatility of Bitcoin will be stripped into two separate currencies and a derivative financial instrument.

We also offer a fourth feature: a decentralized token exchange, open to the entire Bitcoin community

An example

In this video there are three actors:

  • Alice that is a long-term bitcoin holder, and finds it attractive to buy BitPros with her bitcoins to get a passive income.
  • Bob instead who is not risk prone and prefers to buy DOCs with his Bitcoins. He may use his DOCs to make payments at a predictable value.
  • Carol, who is prone to risk and wishes to trade with her Bitcoins, takes leveraged positions in BTCx.
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