RIFP, a token for RIF hodlers willing to get some free leverage and coded income.
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RIFP allows RIF hodlers to generate a coded income, from other users interacting with the platform. RIFP tokens will also be exposed to more volatility than RIF holders.

RIFPro Main Features

Free leverage
As RIFP tokens are staked allowing the issuance of RDOC stablecoins. The tokens absorb the volatility of RDOC generating a small leverage which means that if RIF increases its price, RIFP goes up a little bit more and if RIF price goes down, RIFP goes down a little bit more.
Fees paid in the protocol
50% of the fees paid in the ROC protocol by users interacting with the platform goes to RIFP token holders, increasing the RIFP token value in the long run.
RIFP earns interests
The protocol allows the RIFP tokens “to sell” the leverage inherited from the RDOC stablecoin to RIFX. RIFX users will pay an interest rate for trading the RIFX leverage asset and the ROC system will distribute that interest among the RIFP tokens (the interest will appreciate the price of the RIFP).
Fees paid by RIFPRO
RIFPRO pays 0.25% per year of its value to the MOC protocol. It is deducted on a weekly basis, being approximately 0.0048% per week.

RDOC Token explained

The Dollar on Chain (DOC) is the first Stablecoin backed by bitcoin. The token price is pegged to the USD Dollar, and the peg is guaranteed (1DOC:1USD) by the SmartContract.
Do you want to know more about the dollar-pegged Bitcoin-Backed Stablecoin? Click here.Get DOC Tokens

Other ROC tokens


The RDOC is a RIF Stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar and guaranteed by a smart contract.


A RIF leverage decentralized long position.
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