RIF Dollar

RDOC, a stablecoin for daily use.
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The RDOC is a RIF Stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar and guaranteed by a smart contract. RDOC is a token that can be used for everyday transactions in a Decentralized Sharing Economy (DSE). Bitcoin and RIF are still volatile assets making them hard for everyday use as a unit of account. That’s why RDOC will play a fundamental role in a DSE.

RDOC Main Features

Fully backed by RIF tokens
RDOC is a stablecoin 100% collateralized in RIF.
No need to provide collateral
No collateral or CDP to be provided by purchaser.
RDOC is uncensurable.
Guaranteed by Smart Contract
The 1:1 peg is guaranteed by the Smart Contract.

RDOC Token explained

The Dollar on Chain (DOC) is the first Stablecoin backed by bitcoin. The token price is pegged to the USD Dollar, and the peg is guaranteed (1DOC:1USD) by the SmartContract.
Do you want to know more about the dollar-pegged Bitcoin-Backed Stablecoin? Click here.Get DOC Tokens

Other ROC tokens


A token that mirrors the RIF volatility plus a small amount of leverage that it receives from the RDOC stablecoins.


A RIF leverage decentralized long position.
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