A token to govern the Smart Contract
How to get MoC Tokens

Unique features beyond standard issued governance

The MoC token brings governance to Money On Chain’s self contained protocol which already includes DoC (the first USD stable coin collateralized with Bitcoin), BPro (a HODL and earn token with unique benefits), and BTCx (an amplified leveraging mechanism.)
Vote and Veto
The platform updates and parameters.
Staking fees
Fees paid by users of the platform.
Staking rewards
Earn MoC Token rewards.
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When paying the fees with MoC Tokens

MoC Token Smart Contract Address

210,000,000 Maximum MoC token supply

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“The MoC token is designed to govern a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and can also be used to pay fees for the use of the platform at a lower rate than those to be paid with BTC. MoC holders will also be able to get a reward for staking and providing services to the platform. MoC token holders will vote on contract modifications and new features. On a basic level, the DAO decides whether or not to update the code of the smart contract.

MoC Token explained

MoC token holders will be able to participate in the governance of the platform, receive rewards and part of the fees collected by the platform. MoC token holders will have a discount using MoC token to pay platform fees
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Be part of the revolution, get MoC Tokens

You can get MoC Tokens as a reward with MOC Liquidity Mining for BPro HODLers.
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Or you can get them directly in the TEX - Decentralized Exchange.
How to get MoC Tokens
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