First test for DeFi 4 Bitcoin

CoinTelegraph en Español – March 20th, 2020
Interview with Max Carjuzaa, Co-Founder of Money On Chain talking about the protocol successfully performed during the recent sharp drop in the price of Bitcoin.

Money On Chain – a Stable Asset Platform

DeFi Prime – January 2nd, 2020
Max, co-founder of Money On Chain, shared the story of building a stable asset platform using RSK.

First Bitcoin-Collateralized Stablecoin Launches On The RSK Network

ZyCrypto – December 14th, 2019
A recent announcement by a Latin American startup, Money on Chain reveals that the firm has launched a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform on a bitcoin sidechain, the Rootstock (RSK). As further expressed, the platform which was built for the Latin Americans is modeled after the MakerDAO, a similar platform built on Ethereum.

First Bitcoin-backed Stablecoin Launches on RSK Network

iHodl – December 13th, 2019
Until now, DeFi has been predominantly focused on Ethereum, but it seems that it’s about to change. Money on Chain has now launched a decentralized stablecoin protocol on RSK, the smart contract platform powered by the Bitcoin blockchain. It comprises a two-token system designed to appeal to holders of Bitcoin with different appetites for risk.

Money on Chain Launches First Bitcoin-Collateralized Stablecoin on RSK Network

Yahoo Finance, December 12th, 2019
The protocol will allow Bitcoin holders to hedge against volatility and enable the creation of DeFi services for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Money on Chain: The New Breed of BTC-backed Stablecoins

The Merkle, December 12th, 2019
Stablecoins play a growing role of importance in the cryptocurrency industry. Despite new entrants coming to market, Tether remains the leader in this industry. Money On Chain, an up-and-coming stablecoin project, will try its hand at doing something completely different. 

Bitcoiners Are Building a Sidechain Version of Ethereum’s MakerDAO

Coindesk, December 12th, 2019
The bitcoin community may soon have its own version of ethereum’s flagship decentralized finance (DeFi) platform.

Stablecoins on RSK: The solution that an Argentinean startup found to address Bitcoin volatility [translated]

CriptoNoticias, August 26th, 2019
Stablecoins on RSK: The solution that an Argentinean startup found to address Bitcoin volatility

Interview with Money On Chain’s CEO

CoinTelegraph – July 19th, 2019
Interview with Money On Chain’s CEO: “Bitcoin is great, but for many uses, it has the problem of volatility”.



The platform

What is Money On Chain and how does it work?

What is Dollar on Chain (DoC)?

What are BPro tokens?

What are BTC 2X?

How the Model Works – Example

Wallet setup

Nifty wallet

Nifty Wallet – Mainnet setup

Nifty Wallet – Testnet setup


Metamask – Mainnet setup

Metamask – Testnet setup


Various Events 2020

Online MeetUp with UNCHAIN Convention – DeFi4Bitcoin

LaBitConf 2019

Stablecoins: Reinveinting the Gold Standard
Speakers: Maximiliano Carjuzaa (MoC), Mariano Dipietrantonio (Maker DAO), Nevine Freeman (Reserve), Joshua Scigala (Vaultoro), Peter McCormack (Moderator)

Max Carjuzaa Announces Money On Chain Mainnent

Peter McCormack learning about Stablecoins

Peter McCormack asks: Why should we care to learn about #Stablecoins?

LA Conexión Conference 2019

Why we need Decentralized Stablecoins?
Speaker: Money on Chain – Max Carjuzaa

Will Bitcoin Volatility Ever Disappear?

What are the possible use cases for a Stablecoin?

Decentralization takes time, it’s a process

Why does a Stablecoin with collateral in traditional currencies lead us to centralization?

What tokens are available in #MoneyOnChain and how do they work?


March 13th crypto downfall analysis

Different evaluations that have been performed to analyze the behavior of the model behind Money On Chain during March 13th Bitcoin price crash.

Time to Sum Up! Money On Chain’s 4Q Recap 2019

Taking a look back at MoC’s most memorable milestones of the fourth quarter of 2019.

What About a Stablecoin Built On Top of Bitcoin?

Ethereum is the most widely used technology platform for building stablecoins. Just under two-thirds of all stablecoins (60%) have been built exclusively on top of Ethereum, according to Other platforms used for stablecoins include Bitcoin, NEO, and Stellar...

Everything You Need to Know about DeFi on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first example of a DeFI project with global impact. And then there’s Ethereum with its crowdfunding features, illustrated by the fleeting ICO boom.