Everything You Need to Know about DeFi on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first example of a DeFI project with global impact. And then there’s Ethereum with its crowdfunding features, illustrated by the fleeting ICO boom.

A Stablecoin by Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners

From remittances to merchant payments, people need a stable means of exchange. Stablecoins provide a stable store of value, a unit of account and means of exchange.

Why we need a Bitcoin collateralized Stablecoin

Stability is needed to make money execute its functions. In this article, the pros and cons of those solutions and then focus on the Bitcoin collateralized stablecoin.


What is Money On Chain and how does it work?

TechWithCata explains more about how does Money On Chain works.

What is Dollar on Chain (DoC)?

TechWithCata explains how does Dollar on Chain works.

What are BPro tokens?

Tech With Cata give us an insight into how BPro tokens work on Money On Chain.

What are BTC 2X?

Tech With Cata give us an insight into how BTC 2X tokens work on Money On Chain.

How the Model Works – Example

In this video there are three actors:
– Alice that is a long-term bitcoin holder, and finds it attractive to buy BitPros with her bitcoins to get a passive income.
– Bob instead who is not risk prone and prefers to buy DOCs with his Bitcoins. He may use his DOCs to make payments at a predictable value.
– Carol, who is prone to risk and wishes to trade with her Bitcoins, takes leveraged positions in BTCx.

Will Bitcoin Volatility Ever Dissapear – MOC at LA Conexion Conference

Max Carjuzaa speaking at La Conexion Conference 2019.


August 26th, [translated]

Stablecoins on RSK: The solution that an Argentinean startup found to address Bitcoin volatility

July 19th, 2019:

Interview with Money On Chain’s CEO: “Bitcoin is great, but for many uses, it has the problem of volatility”.

March 19th, 2019: [in Spanish]

La startup argentina que ofrece una stablecoin con colateral en bitcoin