How to install Nifty Wallet

In order to use a Money On Chain you need to set up a wallet. We recommend Nifty, but you prefer you can use Metamask instead.

Nifty can be installed as an extension on Google Chrome or Brave Browser. It’s important to install it from the browser you’re going to use to access Money On Chain’s mainnet.

You must first setup a wallet. We recommend Nifty, but if you prefer, you can use Metamask instead.

Step by step instructions

If you have any question during the process, feel free to contact us by Telegram clicking here.

Install Chrome Extension

The fist step is to install Nifty Wallet Extension into Google Chrome or Brave browser.
Click here to open a new tab with the Nifty Wallet Installer.

Pin it!

Since Chrome Extensions are hidden by default, it's better to pin Nifty Wallet to your extension's bar. To do so, click on the jigsaw piece icon and next to the pin at the right of Nifty Wallet exension.

Terms & Password

Now you have to accept terms and conditions by clicking the Accept button.

Then, you must choose a password. You'll need to enter this password to open Nifty Wallet.

Seed Words

Nifty Wallet will display twelve seed words. You must carefully write them down to a piece of paper.
That's your private key and anyone who has access to these words can take your funds.
For security reasons, don't take a screen shot and avoid storing them on a computer or mobile phone.
Store keep them away from third parties and dont loose the paper.

Selecting the right network

Your new wallet is set up. Now you have to select RSK from the networks drop down menu.

Signing the platform with Nifty

We are almost there. The last step is to sign the platform from your Nifty Wallet. To do that you just need to clic on the sign button in the pop-up window.
That's it. You're already  using Money On Chain's platform.
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