How to access the Money on Chain platform?*

You heard about Money On Chain. You read articles or joined a workshop. And now you want to use the platform to obtain DOC, the first stablecoin with collateral in Bitcoin, BPRO or BTCX. How do you do it? In this article, you will learn how to do it in simple steps.

If you have questions during the process, contact us by Telegram.

1) Get a wallet

You must first set up a wallet, which can be either Nifty o Metamask**. They work as an extension in Google Chrome***. In both cases, remember that you should save both your passowrd and the 12 recovery words and never share them with anyone.

Both wallets can be protected using Hardware wallets like Ledger o Trezor.

2) Setup your wallet

The next step is to configure your wallet to use RSK mainnet. In these videos, we show you how you can do it, depending on the wallet you have chosen.

2.a) Setup Metamask Wallet

Data for configuring the Metamask Wallet for Accessing MoneyOnChain on RSK Mainnet:

-Network Name: RSK Mainet (or the name you prefer)
-New RPC URL: https://public-node.rsk.co
-ChainID: 30
-Symbol: RBTC
-Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.rsk.co


Metamask default gas price is set for Ethereum Network. To use the smaller gas amount needed to use RSK network, you must manually set the gas price to 0,06 GWEI.

2.b) Setup Nifty Wallet

3) You can now enter the mainnet!

Now you can enter the platform! In this video, we show you how to operate and obtain DOC. Remember that you must get rBTC previously (You can get it in the most popular exchanges, using the 2wayPeg mechanism or with Liquality).


To enter the testnet, the steps are the same, except when configuring the wallet. In this video, you can find the instructions to configure Metamask and here how to configure Nifty To get rBTC in the testnet you can do it through the RSK Faucet. Here’s a video for Nifty.

Data for configuring the Metamask Wallet for Accessing MoneyOnChain on RSK Testnet:

-Network Name: RSK Testnet (or the name you prefer)
-New RPC URL: https://public-node.testnet.rsk.co
-ChainID: 31
-Symbol: RBTC
-Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.testnet.rsk.co

Link to access the App en RSK Testnethttps://moc-testnet.moneyonchain.com

Remember that if you have questions or comments, you can contact us via Telegram.

* This document contains the instructions to access and use Money On Chain in the RSK Tesnet that is available at https://moc-testnet.moneyonchain.com/, and / or on the Mainet, which is available at https://alpha.moneyonchain.com.

Please note that by accessing and using the Testnet or the Mainet, you accept the terms and conditions of the Money on Chain website (“Terms and Conditions”) and the Money On Chain Privacy Policies (“Privacy Policies”). You can get a copy at the following link: Legal disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions..

MOC may modify LDPPT&C on any time, and the most updated copy of them will be available on the above link. If you disagree with LDPPT&C, you mus not use the site.

** Do not leave both wallets active at the same time because they generate incompatibility (you must disable some in add-ons).

*** Both wallets also work with the Brave browser (in this browser you can also use the Brave wallet). Metamask also works in the Firefox browser.

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