Feeling bullish?

Be bold. With BTCx you’ll get a leveraged long position on bitcoin with a low interest.

Low interest, without counterparty risk.

The BTCx long bitcoin position is set between you and a Smart Contract. No third parties involved.

Maximize your earning potential

Current BTCx Leverage

Fixed leverage

The leverage in BTCx is variable, but it’s fixed once the operation is set. Plain simple.

Low interest

When issuing a BTCx, a low interest must be paid for the money lended for the leverage. The interest is variable and depends on the demand.

BTCx price

The BTCX are priced as if they were tokens but
can not be transferred.

Developed by bitcoiners for traders

Leveraged bitcoin
The BTCx is a 2X BTC/USD instrument that is settled in Bitcoin.
Anticipated redeem
You keep control all the time. Yeap, that means you can redeem your BTCx no matter what with no extra cost, anytime.
Not your keys, not your bitcoins, remember?
Forget about giving up your private keys to a third party, BTCx are securely stored in your own wallet.
How to get BTCx

Unleash your Inner Bull

Start using BTCx and maximize your earning potential.

BTCx Price in USD

How to get BTCx
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