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Meet BPro, a token created to allow you to earn a rent on Bitcoin positions and gain free leverage.

Get more with BPro

On top of earning a rent on Bitcoin positions and free leverage, with MOC Liquidity Mining, BPro holders also get MoCs every day. BTW, no need to deliver your private keys.

DeFi, but for bitcoiners

Money On Chain is a protocol made by bitcoiners, so every single solution was developed with Bitcoin in mind.

By holding BPro, you allow the protocol to mint Dollar On Chain tokens (DoC), a 100% bitcoin-backed stablecoin. Imagine all the value locked in fiat collateralized stablecoins migrating to Bitcoin. Wouldn’t it be amazing

Amazing performance

With the benefit of free leverage, holding BPro you can reach the moon earlier.

To make this possible, we developed a unique mathematical-financial model with proven robustness, even in extreme market situations.

BPro historical performance is amazing even before realizing that all that happens in Bitcoin.
The following interactive chart shows the historical performance of BPro:

Learn more, get more

Learn about BPro token and get onboard before the boat ships for the next bull run.
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